Scott Stiles


While Scott currently focuses on front-end development, he has over 12 years of experience and leverages an array of digital wizardry, with a background in graphic design, web development and project management. Since joining in 2014, Scott has added Progress’s Sitefinity platform to his list of expertise and loves finding ways to improve its user experience.

Fun fact: Scott is a minimalist at heart and casual clutter makes him tense. Oddly enough though, his wife claims this disposition never seems to help his plates make it to the dishwasher. Hmmm…


Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles & Google AMP: Worth it?

If your website’s ROI is important to you (and even if it’s not), mobile page speed should be a top priority. Recent data shows that 40% of consumers will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. That’s less time than it takes to read this sentence!

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Watch: BAI and

Our client, BAI, was seeking a strong, customer-facing website that accentuated their style and brought awareness to their business. They came to us with a clear understanding of what they needed and were quick to adopt our insight and recommendations.

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Ease of Use

You’re Not the Only User of Your User Interface

As developers, we’re expected to have a deep understanding of how things work in the CMS platforms we use. This gives us the ability to extend, integrate and customize the tools our clients need. Unfortunately, this “back-end" focus can often leave us with a less than optimal user interface and ultimately, a poor user experience.

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Site Slow? You Might Have a Big Image Problem

We all know that effective web pages have to look great, and images play a huge role in that. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to snap a crystal clear photo and blast it out to the internet.

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