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Shawn has been with since 1999 in a variety of roles. Currently, Shawn heads up our content marketing team and is a true believer in the content marketing revolution. In addition to editing and producing written company pieces, Shawn also helps to produce our radio spots. He wants to make sure everybody knows that it’s truly a collaborative effort – between many, including the people he’s worked for during the past 15 years!


What is the Perkins Act and How Can Technology Help with Compliance?

With an emphasis on work-based learning, the Perkins Act is a great program that goes a long way in providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure workplace success after graduation.

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Digital Marketing Forum Sept. 2017

Helping Our Clients Succeed Online…Our Mission!

One of the benefits of having a website designed, developed, and hosted by is the fact that we are continually looking for ways to help our clients maximize their investment with us. It’s a philosophy that is instilled in every employee from day one; our clients MUST succeed. If they do, we will succeed! And hopefully, taking Mr. Walton’s quote to heart…they will sustain this success and we’ll keep on working with them, mutually benefiting one another for years, and maybe even decades.

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Create Your Own Reality at Work, Starting Today

As a copywriter and marketing executive for, I’m going to write some posts on content marketing and copywriting, plus I’ll stray a bit and write about some workplace attitudes and issues we have all experienced at one time or another and offer constructive, useful ways to handle these situations and hopefully make your job something you look forward to.

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Writing Good Copy is but a Small Part of Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing plays a YUGE role in influencing your website users. If done right, it gives credibility to your brand and increases awareness of your products and/or services which, in turn, generates more leads, traffic, and sales.

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Providing Great Online Experiences for NFL Fans

A few weeks ago, the NFL kicked off the 97th season of what is now America’s favorite pastime. As a big NFL and football fan myself, along with many staff members at, I can personally attest to the fact that we’re always excited to do work for an NFL team or an organization affiliated with the NFL.

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Panama Papers

Panama Papers and what it means for your Website Security

The software your organization utilizes to power your online network shouldn’t be a philosophical or political decision – it should be based on your specific needs and nothing else.

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Enhance Your Email Marketing

Enhance your Email Marketing

A solid email marketing campaign should be an integral part of any overall marketing strategy for any business or organization. Although it’s an absolute must for ecommerce sites, it’s also a great lead generator for businesses and organizations that don’t sell anything online.

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Is it Penguin…or Panda?

In early January, news started to leak out that some changes to the Google Algorithm were going to happen, and many assumed this would be a Penguin update. Then, when many search engine results started to change, it was clear that a Penguin update was NOT the culprit for these new variations. So who..or what…happened to be the true culprit? Panda!

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Preparing for a Busy Monday after Thanksgiving

We’re just about there…only a few more days. Thanksgiving, you ask? No. Okay, I know – you’re talking about Black Friday. Nope, wrong again. I’m talking about something that is much, much more important than both of those days - Cyber Monday!

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Maximizing Social Media to Improve your Website’s SEO

5 Quick Tips on Maximizing Social Media to Improve your Website’s SEO

It’s a fact - relevant and high quality social media content will lead to better search result rankings for your website. Google regularly modifies their search algorithm and it can be quite a challenge to keep up with the latest “DO’s” and “DON’Ts” in relation to SEO. What you can control, however, is the social media content that your organization produces, as content that engages users does indeed add weight to your rank position.

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Product Recommendations – use them or you’ll be left behind

Product Recommendations – use them or you’ll be left behind!

Imagine walking into your favorite retail establishment and the main products showcased are ones in which you have an interest. This is all based on your past shopping at that particular retail outlet and your past purchases in particular. Imagine the time you’d save if everything you’re shopping for was within an aisle or two away!

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Responsive Design

6 Powerful Stats On Responsive Design

We recently published our quarterly issue of eaglevision, focusing on responsive design. Check out an infographic that includes 6 powerful stats on responsive design.

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