Stu Furlong

Stu has been working with us at for 6 years. He studied Multimedia Design at DeVry University and has 9 years of experience working in front end development. Stu works on many projects with a focus on standardizing code for Sitefinity front end developers. He also assists his fellow FEDs with complex issues when a problem arises.

Stu has been playing bass guitar for 15 years, and can be shy until you get to know him - unless he's talking about development!
Stu personalization

Personalize Sitefinity

These days, websites have an almost unlimited amount of tools that they can use to put their site above the crowd. One of those tools is used consistently by some of the biggest companies in the world - yet it seems to be underused by so many. That tool? Personalization.

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Sitefinity User Group Recap

I’ve been attending Sitefinity User Groups for nearly 5 years now, I’ve even presented at more than a handful myself. Going into last night’s user group I had a good expectation for how it would go: there would be standing presentations, a follow up Q/A section, and of course pizza.

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Sitefinity Resource Packages: To Bootstrap or not to Bootstrap? (Part 1)

If I compiled a list of words front end developers hear the most, “Bootstrap” would be very high in the ranks. The most well-known front end framework created by Twitter is reportedly used on over 10 million websites and applications at the moment.

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What is Project Feather and How Will It Affect Your Website?

In September of 2014 Progress released its initial build of Project Feather, an add-on for their Sitefinity Content Management System, which changes how the CMS can be coded.

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