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Sitecore 10 Release Quick Overview

This August Sitecore® announced a big release for Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) 10, Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC), and Sitecore Content Hub 3.4, loaded with new features for both marketers and developers! Let's have a quick look at this release but I will be focusing more on Sitecore XP from the developer interest.



Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) 10


Sitecore 10 offers teams the ability to deliver fully integrated brand experiences with improved performance, marketing automation, reduced infrastructure pricing, and maximized team efficiencies.

Feature Highlights

New Features Diagram


Main features for the developers!

    -With official Sitecore 10 full support Docker container for rapid deployment support and Sitecore container registry, developers don’t need to build their own images and Sitecore will be maintaining the official images.

    -With Sitecore support Docker compose and Kubernetes orchestration, there is no need for local installation, so no more multiple-Sitecore instances installed to the developer local; instead, those instances can be isolated so no VMs anymore mean no more disk space!

Virtual Machines and Containers Diagram

This will simplify the onboarding process for new developers as it would be as simple as cloning the code repository and doing a docker compose up to get a working local Sitecore instance. Moreover, the developers will have identical environments and no more “but it works on my machine!”

More information about Sitecore Docker & containers can be found at Sitecore documentation  You can also find use cases, source code, create custom Sitecore images, local development and debugging; it covers everything the Sitecore developer would need.

    -Sitecore added a new cool tool called “Sitecore CLI” that allows console communication with a Sitecore instance. It is a nuget install command line tool Currently its main use is for Sitecore content serialization but Sitecore will add more functionality over time. You can read more about this great tool at

    Sitecore instance diagram

    -Sitecore content headless serialization combines the best of TDS and unicorn into one tool and works with containers integrated Sitecore’s identity systems. It was built by Sitecore with the continuous integration and deployment pipelines in mind. More can be found here:

    For front-end developers,  Sitecore 10 added more support to the headless development architecture and the layout service to consume those services using Javascript SDK for react, angular and vue. For more, visit core

    -Sitecore 10 comes with a new headless rendering SDK for ASP.NET Core

    Those are just the tip of the iceberg! To read more about this amazing release, please visit Sitecore 10 official release notes here. 

    Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) 10

    SXA enables parallel work streams to reduce the development time, improve the quality, and it provides reusable user experience layouts and components that are fully integrated into the Sitecore editing experience.

    The latest release got even better with:

    -SXA now supports running on an instance hosted in a Docker container.

    -The performance of the rendering placeholder wrappers has been improved.

    -A new custom workflow action has been added to improve the inclusion of data source related items in the Page workflow.

    -Language fallback is enabled by default.

    For the complete list, please check here.

    Sitecore Content Hub (CH) 3.4 

    -Enhanced DAM with innovations in AI, video, and more

    -Waterfall and agile workflows available in MRM

    -Simplified and automated graphics production

    -More integrations and extensibility, including Adobe Creative Cloud

Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) 10

This release delivers advanced product bundling capabilities that enable teams to sell more products and drive higher order values. It also adds support for deployment with Docker Container and Kubernetes which reduce system resources and simplify deployments, and much more with template support and Sitecore DAM integration.

Naim holds a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology and an MBA in Finance. He started his career in programming in 2001 building desktop financial applications. In 2004 he shifted his focus to develop websites. In 2016 Naim joined with a focus on Sitecore, as a Sitecore Certified Developer.
When he is not working, he likes to spend time with his wife and two kids, watching TV, or relaxing in the backyard.

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