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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your CMS

Unsure whether to upgrade now? There are plenty of reasons to upgrade your CMS.

Save Time & Money

Upgrading your CMS sooner rather than later will save time and money compared to letting your website fall far behind. Set aside a budget for regular updates rather than waiting years to do so, at which point this relatively simple task would most likely have become much more complicated, as the difference between your current CMS and the latest version will be so much greater. With regular maintenance and updates, you’ll likely save money in the long run and stay relevant to users, improving online business prospects – win-win.


Updating your CMS will make it more secure. Without regular updates, security breaches are more likely and your site will be more vulnerable to hackers. New security updates and releases can keep you and your customers safe. Considering the loss of trust related to a security breach, it’s worth upgrading now and putting security first.

Technical Issues and Bugs

Are there technical issues or bugs slowing down your site or making it less secure? It’s likely that many of these issues would easily be fixed with your CMS update.

New Features & Functionality

Updating your CMS can help you keep up with competitors in terms of providing a great online experience to your users. An up-to-date CMS will provide you with new features and functionality to make life easier for you and your staff using the backend of your site, as well as your frontend users. Online users have high expectations in terms of usability, security and speed. Ensure you’re not missing out on conversions due to an outdated CMS.

Using an outdated CMS can also affect how your site works with other third party technology that you may be reliant on. As third party modules continue to update, at some point your site may no longer be compatible with them.

Win Conversions

Whatever your business, and whatever ‘conversion’ means for you, updating your CMS can lead to business success. Whether you’re looking for form fills, own an ecommerce site or informational site, updating your CMS regularly can help make the road towards conversion easier for your users.

Whether you’re looking to increase conversion, provide excellent online service, save time and money or prioritize security, updating your CMS is a viable choice for your online business. Wondering where to go from here? Contact the team to get started with a CMS update.

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