Mobile App Development Services

Increase loyalty and drive more customers to your brand by leveraging mobile technology.’s mobile application team provides best-in-class development services to help you reach your users on any device. Our apps are designed to be flexible and intuitive while delivering the best experience for your users.

Our Expertise

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UX Research and Design

Before starting any mobile app project we employ extensive research and testing to understand your end-users and their behaviors, motivations, and needs. We take this information to design a modern interface that fits your goals and works for your users.

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Mobile Commerce

Put your customers closer to checkout no matter where they are. By integrating with all of your ecommerce systems, can develop intuitive, easy to navigate mobile commerce solutions that can translate all of your existing functionality to the small screen.

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Mobile Ticketing

Transportation agencies and entertainment venues alike can reduce operating costs through mobile ticketing. Our solutions make validation a breeze and reduce the need for the collection of cash payments by operators.

Learn more about our transit division, myCloudFare

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Responsive Design

Allow your users to get the same experience no matter what device they are using. Our responsive design services allow you to display content to a range of devices without having to maintain separate versions of the site.

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Customizations and Integrations

We build your app with your other software systems and data sources in mind. From ERP, POS, PIM, and more we can integrate all of your third party systems into your mobile application to deliver a functionally sound and seamless experience.

Featured Mobile Clients



Pierce County Ferry

With a scalable, robust system, Pierce County Ferry riders now have the choice to purchase tickets directly from their smartphones. The entire system includes a custom mobile app, point of sale systems, and ticket validators.


Trustmark Benefits

Since partnering with, Trustmark Benefits now has a prominent mobile presence that is fit to serve their members and clients. The app features functionality for telemedicine, electronic ID cards, account balances, and single sign on.


Open the Books developed a mobile app for Open the Books that enhanced their online presence. The app allows users to find government spending records over several decades and GPS functionality allows for hyper-local search.


Chicago Auto Show

"Chicago Auto Show fans expect a superior show experience, and we strive to live up to those expectations both at the show and online. We have worked closely with for nearly a decade to create a virtual show experience that's unparalleled and expands the show's reach beyond its attendees."

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