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Creating award winning visual elements through applying a keen eye and creative intuition, your site will not only be functional, but also very aesthetically appealing. Visuals are a powerful aid to grabbing the attention of site users. Before they even read a word, users must be captured by the visual aspect of the website to become engaged in the content. excels in this part of the process, creating beautiful, professional designs that capture the focus of site viewers.


Facts and Figures

Top 500 Database

  • Had a 30% increase in user sessions, with 14% being an increase in new-unique sessions. 
  • With 52% more new users from the year before their redesign.

Dale Carnegie
  • Once suffering from an outdated image, the new Dale Carnegie site is fresh and appealing to a younger demographic of users while still touting Dale Carnegie’s longtime expertise in business training.
  • The layout also makes it easier and more inviting for Dale Carnegie franchise owners to manage their own pages. 
  • Since the website launched, Dale Carnegie has improved both the number of leads and sales. In July 2012 alone, the website generated over 20,000 leads.
  • Analysis shows a 94% improvement in lead generation from the old site to the new site. 
  • They have also found success in getting their franchise owners on board with the new site. Since the site has launched, franchise sites have increased by 27% globally.

Pro Football Hall of Fame
  • Since their ecommerce store’s redesign, online sales have increased significantly - annual sales increased by 45% when comparing sales prior to the redesign.



CWS Capital Partners
Overall, all metrics are performing better post-launch:

  • Sessions have increased 27.49%
  • Bounce Rate has decreased 17.97%
  • Average time on site has increased 78.85%


“I was greatly impressed by the project management strategies used during the programming of our new website. Our project manager provided a status update on a weekly basis so I never had to wonder where we stood on the current tickets. Though we made several changes to design after we saw the beta version, did not nickel and dime us for every change but were forthright with us when we submitted a request that was out of scope. They then promptly provided fair and reasonable estimates to complete the work. If the actual time to complete the changes was less than the estimate, they charged less. Not all contractors do that. I would highly recommend doing business with this company that conducts itself in such a professional manner.”

Susan Rayshell | Dir. Investor Relations Information Systems, CWS Capital Partners

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