Our Process Leads to Success


New customers embark on a journey to online success through our 6 step process. This process, honed over the last 20 years, allows us to design and develop websites that meet the overall goals and objectives of our clients as well as to provide a satisfactory and engaging experience for their site viewers. Using this approach has proved extremely effective, garnering us many awards and delivering our clients hugely successful online solutions. 

Using established requirements and user stories, our project teams coach all our clients through the decisions they need to make in order to ensure a successful website build. Each of these decisions are broken into the 5 core categories listed above and we begin to plan and develop in-parallel while collaborating with you, our client, to ensure that we’re on the right track

Operationally, we manage with agility and employ a SCRUM mindset to bring you to the finish line as quickly as we can at the highest degree of quality. While there are many frameworks that fit into the “Agile” mindset, we have learned that the aspects used for SCRUM gives us the greatest bang for our buck in meeting your needs. By breaking ALL requirements into controllable, time-boxed increments called ‘Sprints’ and stomping out impediments daily, we can effectively adapt as the project progresses. These mechanisms include:

  1. Sprint planning
  2. Daily team meeting
  3. Iteration review
  4. Sprint retrospective

We’ll start by discovering each of your web needs and identifying a backlog of all the requirements necessary to complete your project. From there, that backlog will be divided into Sprints to tackle the highest priority or items with the greatest dependent features first. Once a Sprint is completed, we collaborate directly with you to ensure that we are incorporating your feedback into the process. At this point, we rinse and repeat until the project backlog of requirements is fully executed and your new web site is built to the highest standard of quality.

While we manage through an agile SCRUM framework, we also recognize that this is not always the best solution for our clients. Through years of experience, we can also successfully manage your project through waterfall, phase gate, or any other preferred method of project management that you feel will lead your project to success.

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